04 May 2007


I'm now a member of the "technological literati." How's that grab ya? We all have to be members of something, what? Actually, it is a website, and a new feature of TPP. Look down at the end of the postings and you will get a link to my "profile" and other features of technorati. I'm a reasonably verbose fellow, but I find it hard to write these "profiles" about myself that all these websites want. I'll have to do a better job, get some pets, give them cute names, post pictures of them, something like that. After all, the point of technocrati is to help you get your blog noticed by others. It lets you know who else is linking to your site. Ultimately, that is the point here in cyberspace--linkage. While it is fun to write a diary, if no one reads it I might as well just scratch it on paper. This experimental foray into web-logging is supposed to help my writing, by getting readers tuned in to what I'm doing. Ultimately, writers are show-offs. We just have to have folks seated and silent and paying rapt attention! Sounds like teaching. Or, at least, an idealized version of teaching. Seated, silent, and paying rapt attention is a rare event in a classroom these days. Speaking of classrooms, I noticed that one of my fellow Muzzle Flashers is a school teacher and has a blog named for her PI character, Bo Fexler. So in the spirit of technoliteratic harmony, I'm adding Bo to my links list. Plus they are fun stories! One of these days I'll have to sort that list of links by categories--it is only going to get longer. I could spend many hours on blogger, tweaking and customizing the look and layout, fiddling with html code and whatnot, giving my site all sorts of style points. Maybe after I get my knee 'scoped I'll be bored enough to do that. I worry I'll spend all my time twiddling with my blog instead of actually writing. Countdown to knee slicing: 5 days. Countdown to summer vacation: 35 days (only 25 work days).

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