09 May 2007


Or perhaps "A-Day" would be better. I go under the arthroscope today. Just doesn't have the same feeling as "go under the knife" which always sounded noir-ish. The modern world has many benefits, and getting 'scoped is one of them. My meniscus is getting the surgical equivalent of a Zamboni on a hockey rink. Shaped and smoothed. I'm looking forward to it, I'm weary of being gimpy. I'm in shorts and a T-shirt, un-shaved, un-fed, un-coffeed. A hell of a way to start a work day. I'm out Thursday and Friday of course, and probably Monday as well. Thank goodness for sick leave. I've enough accumulated to take the rest of the school year off, maybe I ought to. (Just kidding, boss. I don't think she reads my blog.) I have 48 hours of an immobilizing brace and ice packs to look forward to! Report time to hospital: 0630. 'Scope time: 0730. Time now: 0613. Time to go!

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