15 May 2007

Beware the Ides

Willy the Shake and JC were worried about the Ides of MARCH, obviously, but today is Ides Maius, nonetheless. And it is my return to the working world after arthroscopy. I bought a cane at Ace and called it "Matt" in honor of the ace himself, Matt Cain. A cane is a a nice psychological tool--people see you with a cane and say stuff like "oh, let me get that for you" or "don't get up, I'll do it." Healing is a long and steady process and every little bit helps. I suppose I could have taken the week off (I've scads of sick leave) but I need to get up and out and back to some kind of routine. My writing has suffered despite having time on my hands at home. I think my legs are connected to my soul. Time to get them both going again--Beware the Ides!
Id. Mai.

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