07 May 2007

The Big Five-Oh

This is post number 50 for TPP. I'm proud of myself for coming up with something to say for 50 straight days. Now that I re-think that a bit, it should surprise no one that I can think of something to say for 50 straight days. People might be more impressed if I shut up for 50 days! Regardless, the blogging experiment is moving forward and leading me somewhere. This weekend I finished Plan of Attack by Bob Woodward. The moral of the story? If you plan for a war, the plan will take on a life and momentum of its own. Something that big is like Godzilla, or maybe The Blob. Unpredictable. You might think you are just preparing for contingencies when suddenly you find yourself in a quagmire. A sobering read, to be sure. And people wonder why I like fiction. I get 'scoped on Wednesday--not soon enough!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck on Wednesday a.m., M.C. You might reconsider going back to work -- though I know you will be frisky by noon Wed. and thus -- can you be contained, hmmm...problematic. But, after all, you have reading, writing, baseballing (?), and imbibing demands on your time! (I personally am hoping there is an incipient storyline rattling about in there.) We will be thinking of you (& Sue) -- stay your cool self and you will be dandy. Fondly, NOC P.S. Non-fiction like PLAN OF ATTACK (which I read) makes me run back to good mysteries, for soul-balming and pure escapism from so-called reality. Yes.
P.P.S. GO GIANTS! (and Barry needs you!)