06 May 2007

Lazy Sunday

TPP readers will notice that I spruced up the site a bit, adding some color and re-organizing the links lists. What a time sink this stuff is! One minute I log on, the next thing I look up and see an hour has passed, maybe two. Yikes! I'm spending my life in cyberspace. Although I have been laid up with this damn knee injury, I'm finding it difficult to write. I thought having all this home time on my hands would allow me to get some of my new story ideas together. Alas, I've been reading, blogging, listening to ballgames, and watching pointless TV. No excuses, just not delivering the goods. The end of the school year is always stressful at work, and I'm feeling oddly detached because of my impending surgery. Wednesday is D-Day, and I'm taking that day off, of course, and Thursday and Friday as well. After that, who knows? I've got enough accumulated sick leave to take as much time as I need. The orthopedist scoffs at my worries about "rehab," claiming I'll be good as new very shortly. My friends who've had similar arthroscopic treatments concur. We'll see. Time for some sitting in the sun and reading more of Lee Child's Killing Floor.

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