21 May 2007

M.C. Come A-Walkin'

After a long hiatus, I am walking to work again. Today I will leave by 0700 and WALK, unaided, from my home to my classroom. I had, until these last two months, only driven my car to work 2 or 3 times per school year. Otherwise I have walked for all of my 17 years in the school district, whether it be a blazing 100 degrees or a frigid 10 degrees. I have driven to work for almost two months now, ceasing the walks the week after St. Patrick's Day, when they became too painful. TPP readers might note that this blog started about the same time! Since the surgery, I have been very anxious to get back to normal. Normal for me is saying "no" to offers of rides to school. No matter how nicely I say it, people seem to be hurt or offended by my refusal. It is not like I don't appreciate the offers, it is just that I prefer to walk. Is that so weird? I LIKE TO WALK. In fact, it--walking--is deeply connected to my identity and being. I hope I can walk forever. (Apologies to John Shirley for 'stealing' his title.)
a.d. XII Kal. Iun.

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