20 April 2014

XXX: Easter Break

It's my last Spring Break. Our school district always takes Spring Break on either side of Easter Sunday and I was a Catholic school kid so it is 'Easter' vacation for me. If Easter is late, which it is this year, we take the week before, which we called 'Holy Week' back at St. Dominic's. If Easter is early, we take the following week. This year we get Easter Monday off as well--that's a holiday in Canada, the UK and much of the Commonwealth. Our district builds in a snow day in case a blizzard cancels school. I think it has only happened twice in my 25 years of teaching here in Yreka. This winter we had so little snow that neither of our local ski parks opened.

The last off-day left on my school schedule is Monday the 26th of May which is when the nation celebrates Memorial Day in 2014. Added all up, Graduation Day included, I've got 33 work days left. So, this is my last vacation! Once I retire from teaching I will have to schedule my own vacations. My job has always scheduled them for me. I must say that will be a weird feeling.

Saturday the 7th of June is Commencement at YHS. That's my final professional obligation. That afternoon my good friend Tad is throwing a retirement party for me. If you are in Yreka at 4:00 p.m. on that day, come by the White's at 211 Henig Way and join the fun. If you are reading this, you are invited!

06 April 2014

XXX: Appointment in Redding

I'm not yet ready for Samarra.

On Tuesday I'm playing hooky from school. Monday afternoon my lovely bride and I will head the 100 miles or so south to the Northstate metropolis of Redding where we will spend the night. The next morning I have an appointment with a representative of the State Teachers Retirement System at the Shasta County Office of Education on Magnolia Street. We are to finalize my retirement papers and set the wheels turning in Sacramento so my name can be added to the roll of pensioners. After thirty years of paying forward into the system I'll start drawing on it this summer. I could have opted for a phone conference with a helpful STRS counselor, but after over 5000 classroom days I wanted some face time. I want to see it all happen with my own eyes. Afterwards we will scoot home on the interstate in plenty of time for the Giants opener at 1:35.

My next milestone will be my final Easter Break which will start at 3:05 p.m. on Friday the 11th of April. I'll give you an update sometime that week while I'm enjoying my vacation. School resumes Tuesday, the 22nd. We get Easter Monday off this year as it is our built-in snow day, and we all know there wasn't a lick of snow this winter.

And I'm going to start reading John O'Hara's Appointment in Samarra.