27 May 2007

439 victims

He's not a serial killer, but he has four hundred thirty-nine victims. That's right. 439. CDXXXIX. The Biggest and Baddest of Them All, Barry Lamar Bonds hit number 746 today off Tyler Buchholz, the 439th different pitcher he has so victimized in his long and remarkable career. That is the most amazing of his accomplishments in my mind. You give Barry a chance to swing the bat and one day you will give up a homerun to him. That's the deal. Barry Rules. Unfortunately, the Giants are playing as predicted, and they lost the game. Playing .490 ball on Memorial Day Weekend is not something that inspires enthusiasm. Barry had gone hitless in his last five games, homerless in his last 14. Finally, he has a breakout day--a single and 2 walks in addition to the 2-run HR--but to no avail. Baseball is a beautiful game: hit the ball on the screws and make an out, but tap a dribbler and get the game-winning hit. You never know how the bounces are going to go, for you or against you. Bonds has played in 44 of the Giants 49 games, and has hit 12 HRs. If he plays 44/49ths of the 34 games remaining before the All-Star Break and hits HRs at a 12/44 rate, he will hit eight more. That would leave him at 754 going into the Break. I have said all along that he would break the record before then. He needs nine to tie Hank Aaron's 755, ten to set a new mark of 756. Don't bet against it.
a.d. VI Kal.Iun.

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