12 May 2007

Crap detector redux

There was a time before the internet, when eager listeners twiddled a knob on a shortwave receiver and tuned in a station. Someplace other than where you were. Exotic or prosaic, it didn't matter. Tweak the tuner and there you were. Sometimes you get that feeling on the world wide web. You scan the range of frequencies and something drops in your lap. My crap detector must have been set to "sensitive" because that is what happened. I detected a bunch of crap. More specifically, poop. As in the Poop Report. Of course, it didn't just "drop in my lap." That's metaphor. A bad one for this site. Think about "dropping one." Last place you want it dropped is your lap. But enough of that. Back to the Poop Report. The tag line on their website is Your #1 source for your #2 business. I like that. This kind of crap cannot be explained, it must be experienced. So go. Get a load of poop.

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