10 May 2007


All went swimmingly at Fairchild Medical Center. We are lucky in our small town in faraway Siskiyou County to have a great local hospital staffed by quality professionals. Everything about my experience yesterday was first-rate. I feel good today, on the road to recovery. I got to watch the surgeon poking and prodding my knee on a TV monitor. It was like that Raquel Welch sci-fi flick Fantastic Voyage. The arthroscope showed me a world right out some Discovery Channel documentary. Except it was my knee! My synovial fluid, my blood, my meniscus, my ligaments, my bones! Very cool, highly recommended. Get yourself a knee injury and take an E-ticket ride on the 'scope. The surgeon was pleased with the outcome, praised me for being fit and healthy, and told me my recovery would be 100%. Now that's what I call customer service. Alert TPP readers will note I've dated myself: Ms. Welch is now 67, and Disneyland gave up their A through E ticket scheme a long time ago. My last trip (in 1981) to Walt's Weird World was just that--a "trip" (if you know what I mean and I think that you do, sorry Joe Bob). I won't go back. That place is too twisted for anything but hallucinogens. But I'd happily get together with the still-stunning Ms. Welch. Lookin' good, babe! I'm off my feet the next few days, give my agent a call and we'll do lunch.

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