25 May 2007

Click on the chick getting beat with a stick

Out of the Gutter has updated their website and opened up submissions for issue number three. I expect to see my story in issue number two very shortly! So, "click on the chick" and order your copy today! I got pretty excited yesterday when I saw the theme for issue #3: "War is All Hell" (W.T. Sherman). I have been working out the intro to a war story in my head the last few days. Then saw that contributors to issue #2 are NOT eligible for #3. Bummer, but reasonable. I imagine they get a hell of a lot more submissions than they can ever publish, and since it is a non-paying gig, they want to spread around the opportunities. Regardless of what happens in the future with my writing, I will always have a soft spot for OOTG, they, and Muzzle Flash, jump-started everything for me. "Noir" seems to be riding a new wave of popularity, and I dived in at the right time. Funny how that "meme" was percolating in my brain at the same time as all these other guys. (I love the notion of a meme, even if it smacks a bit of pseudo-science.) Last night our whiskey of choice was a whisky, the Bowmore "Legend" single malt. Bowmore is a Hebridean whisky, one of several distilleries on Islay ("eye-luh"). It has an amazing balance of malt sweetness and peat smoke, a tantalizing mix of contrasting flavors. It was a nice way to celebrate. (I realize I've "celebrated" getting my story published to the point of nausea, but hey, deal with it.)
a.d. VIII Kal.Iun.

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