22 May 2007

M.C. at OOTG

The publication of my first short story, "Tweaker," must be imminent because I received an email from Matt Louis, editor of Out of the Gutter, for a "short bio." He meant 2 or 3 sentences. Now that's short! How do you sum it up in 2-3 sentences? Here's what I said:

M.C. O'Connor lives in Siskiyou County, California, and has contributed to Muzzle Flash. He writes about books, baseball, whiskey, and things noir at tenpoundpress.blogspot.com.

I decided to stay away from boring stuff like where I was born, went to school, what I did for a living, etc., and concentrate on my writing. It is not much of a resume, but it is truthful! I figure that is the best thing. To take a look at OOTG, just scroll down and click on the chick getting beat with a stick. "Tweaker" will be in issue #2.
a.d. XI Kal.Iun.

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