22 April 2007

Writer's blog

I suppose the pun was inevitable. "I'm suffering from writer's blog." Ha-ha. I never seem to suffer from speaker's block, most who know me think I suffer from speaker's diarrhea. It is a rarely fatal malady, more like an annoying rash. You scratch and scratch and apply ointments and salves and you discover that just spreads it. So, is there any way to channel speaker's diarrhea through my fingertips? That would get the blog flowing, eh? Enough of that. I will start adding labels to the posts henceforward. One category will be "writing." Another will be "books & reading," labeled thusly so I can blog about stuff I read that ain't in a book. I will bow to the crushing weight of my history and include a "baseball" or "giants" tag. After all, I can't go all summer without writing about Me Bhoyos. For those pals o'mine in the Giants E-mail Group, I Will Not Abandon All Ye Who Enter Here. The GE-mG will function as usual. TPP will serve for those pontificatory excesses suitable only for volunteers. Kind of like "optional" readings in university classes. As if the required few hundred pages a week weren't enough! Blimey! I expect a "whiskey" label will make a showing as well. This won't change much, just make it easier for fans and new converts to get caught up on any threads that may emerge. Of course, I could go on for years here at lovely blogspot.com and have no more than two other persons in the universe bother to read it. But that's OK. That's why they call it writer's blog.

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