20 April 2007


M.C. gets some notice! Check out Muzzle Flash, the hard-boiled e-zine, for my story "Silent Partner." The link to MF is below and to the left on my "m.c. sez check 'em out" list. Or I suppose you could click here http://www.dzallen.blogspot.com/. I've collected my 3 flash pieces and my 1 short story into a chapbook. Send me an email (moc@snowcrest.net) if you want a copy shipped your way. Don't forget to click on the link for Out of the Gutter magazine (on the MF page or on my list) for the list of contributors to issue #2. Guess who's there? That's right, your loyal and trusty M.C.! How 'bout that? I suppose that just means I have to get to work and write some more stories. I can only milk these for so long. Speaking of long, I'm keeping it short today. Happy 4-20, everyone.

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Anonymous said...

I liked 'Silent Partner' -- Gran is my kind of girl. So to peak. Happy Weekend back'atcha. Go, Giants! NOC