08 April 2007

Nerds Rule!

If you are reading this (does anyone read this?), you don't have to guess what I mean by "nerds rule." I mean, fer chrissakes, without armies of nameless nerds the entire cyber-world would be fantasy--nothing but grist for SF mills. So a "tip o'the cap" for all the nerds, alive and dead, rich and poor, famous and forgotten, who make the internet, email, the World Wide Web and all its spawn (like weblogs) possible. Thanks, gracias, go raibh maith agat, merci, danke, and arigatou! Speaking of nerds, no one can accuse them of lacking a sense of beauty. Just take a look at my favorite website, Astronomy Picture of the Day. Regulars know it as APOD, click http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html, and be sure to peruse the archive. Take a look at my new list of links (on the left below my thumbnail photo), APOD is there! (Thanks, Google nerds, for making blogger so easy to update. Note my new photo and message at the bottom of the page as well.) This international community of scientists, astronomers both professional and amateur, photographers and writers bring these amazing and awe-inspiring images to desktops every day. Their joy in the complexity and grandeur of the cosmos is infectious. M.C. sez expose yourself--get infected!

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