17 April 2007

30 days

30 days, 30 posts. I decided to start a daily blog on the 18th of March, the day after St. Patrick's Day. It feels like I've completed a sentence: "that's 30 days for you, O'Connor, for being drunk and disorderly!" It has been fun, but I'll admit that it isn't always easy to find something to write about. I had a big pile of things I just finished reading, and I'm starting to accumulate a new pile, so there is always that. And my stories got put together so that was something. But now? I suppose every wave has a trough as well as a crest, eh? Speaking of physics, if you are interested in the mind of a very bright and curious fellow, visit The Quantum Pontiff. This bright and curious fellow is a local boy I've known since he was a high school student, he is now a Research Professor at the University of Washington. Dave M. Bacon comes from one of the most interesting families I've had the pleasure to befriend, and family and friends just celebrated his marriage to a local girl. She seems to be equally bright and accomplished, and the wedding was good fun. The Quantum Pontiff is Dave's blog, and you can find it here http://dabacon.org/pontiff/. I'll add it as a link to my "check 'em out" list. Now, I have a B.S. from Berkeley and have been a high school science and math teacher for 20+ years, so I'm not completely clueless. But I'm at sea when it comes to theoretical physics, and quantum mechanics is something I've read about in those groovy "ain't reality cool?" books written for non-scientists. Lewis Thomas, that great sage of biology (Lives of a Cell), was asked if he could comment on cosmology. His answer: "No, I can't do the math." Thank goodness there are some folks out there who CAN do the math! Meanwhile I'll stick to blogging and trying to beat algebra into the heads of reluctant adolescents.

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