19 April 2007

738 and counting

Unlike the national media, I'm rooting for Barry to go all the way. I know, I know, I said I wouldn't make this into a Giants blog. But after 13 games and 4 homeruns, it looks like Barry is strong and healthy and poised to make history. It will be a Pyrrhic victory. Much of the Baseball Establishment is anti-Bonds and will do everything they can to taint the accomplishment. In fact, they have already. Roger Maris didn't get his due when he broke Ruth's single-season record. When McGwire and Sosa chased history in 1998, Roger got his accolades, finally. Of course he was dead by then. Mark and Sammy have gotten their comeuppance now, and the "sports-writers" and their morally corrupt brethren will make sure that Hank Aaron is properly lionized while Barry Bonds is sledged without mercy. Now, baseball records have a hell of a lot less social significance than loser assholes shooting up college campuses, or the continuing genocide in Darfur (whoops, I mean "ethnic cleansing"). And Mr. Bonds will be adequately compensated for sacrificing his body to sport. But bullshit is bullshit, and "sports-writers" are particularly adept at bullshit. One only has to follow the Jackie Robinson nonsense of the last weekend to get a picture of what "sports-writing" is all about. Now Mr. Robinson accomplished a lot. He deserves recognition. But lets keep it in perspective. Many thousands of African-Americans and victims of race prejudice and discrimination fought terrible battles for their rights, dignity and freedom over the years. A lot of them died hoping their children would have it better than they did. They got no tributes and no hagiographies, and certainly no heroic pictures in childrens' books. I, for one, am sick of heroes, mostly because I'm sick of bullshit. Give me the flawed anti-heroes any day. At least these guys are real, full of the contradictions all of us possess. Barry is no more Satan than Jackie is Saint. Go Barry, Go! Hit a boatload of homers and blow the record away.

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Well said, O Literate One! NOC