27 September 2008

The M.A.X.

Rarely have I read a book so bloody fookin' funny as Ken Bruen and Jason Starr's third installment of the "Max Fisher" novels, The M.A.X. Now, Donald E. Westlake is one of the genre's masters, and a very funny fellow. I'm a huge fan and admirer of his noir stuff and his comic stuff. What sets Messrs. Starr & Bruen apart is their willingness to stand knee deep a gutter of shit, blood and depravity and find genuine mirth in the circumstances. Bursting out loud with uncontrollable giggling is a rare event for me when reading, especially when reading noir and the other sorts of crime fiction I enjoy. Trust me, it is a regular occurrence with Max Fisher and His Gang of Losers. Without revealing too much, a fourth book in the series is not impossible, considering the way this one ended. Do yourself a favor--grab hold of Bust and Slide, the first two novels in the set. When you get to know Max Fisher, the protagonist of both, and the Most Fatuous Douchebag of all time, you'll be hooked.

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