01 September 2008

Didn't make the cut

My story did not get picked for OOTG5. I have been fortuntate working with that magazine and editor Matt Louis. I've had two stories published ("Tweaker" in OOTG2 and "Lonnie's Ride" in OOTG4). This time my stuff did not make the grade. I'm a big boy. Time to get to work on new stuff. Looking forward to reading OOTG5--always inspiring.

My Blogger experience this weekend has been terrible. I cannot use my wysiwyg editor! And I cannot see my entire blog page in layout mode, nor work on all the components! Something is wrong, I hope Blogger gets it together. Otherwise I'll have to do something. The whole reason I use Blogger is that it requires very little from me but input. The software and my interface has always been easy and fairly seamless. We'll see. In the meantime I'd best do some net-crawling and see if I learn anything.

1 comment:

nancyo said...

Well,I'M bummed. But know you will keep on typin'--because that's what writers do -- they write. Looking forward to the next one!