12 May 2008

Talkin' Baseball

One of my favorite blogs is by a fellow named John Perricone called ONLY BASEBALL MATTERS. Recently he challenged his "backtalkers" to write a piece about Peter Magowan's legacy as the owner of the San Francisco Giants. Mr. Perricone said he would pick the best ones to "front page" and guess who got picked? ME! That's right, kids, yer old pal M.C. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Is there no where I can turn to get away from this ceaseless self-promotion? It was a thoughtful and very well written response, and yadda yadda yadda.

nancyo said...

Hey, MOC -- well done on the Magowan stage. I still remember TOO vividly Barry's last game & The Salute -- & Magowan standing there sobbing uncontrollably. What was with THAT nonsense, for crying out loud. And thanks also for pointing to the Dave Zirin site - good to read something straightforward about BLB finally. And I bet Matt Cadd feels as you do.