28 May 2008

Rocket Scientists Rock!

THIS is way cool:

If you aren't tuned in to the Phoenix Mission you are missing out. The Age of Exploration is alive and well, and we can thank the science and math nerds at JPL for that. Rock on, dudes!

(Image is from Astronomy Picture of the Day, one of the coolest websites out there. I expect I'm violating a pile of copyrights, but I'm so stoked by this stuff I don't care.)

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nancyo said...

The Phoenix Mission is WAAAY COOL! What an astonishing landing -- & a great part of the thrill was seeing the glee & joy of all of those, well, Rocket Scientists rocking! Is it exciting to be back in the beauty of space or what??!! Weaver (my dad, the Palomar & Mt Wilson guy) would have loved this.
P.S. And was that the exuberant M.C. on Gold Street this a.m. sharing some happy hand-waving enthusiasm with a gaggle of YYs (Yreka Youngsters)?? Does The Shadow Know?