20 March 2008

Only Time Will Tell

Whether it was politically smart or politically stupid, Senator Barack Obama's recent speech from Philadelphia ("A More Perfect Union") was one extraordinary piece of oratory. I think all Americans should both read the text and watch the video. Politicians are not supposed to be honest, and address things head-on. It won't surprise me if this speech comes back to haunt Mr. Obama. Then again, sincerity, passion, and intellect are so rare in American popular culture that perhaps this speech will be the spark that launches this fascinating character to new heights in his presidential bid. It was the kind of speech that makes even the most jaded listener say "fuck politics, let's talk, let's think, let's move forward and have a renewed faith in our nation." Whatever this speech turns out to be for the senator, and only time will tell, it was inspiring, uplifiting, heartfelt and, in short, brilliant. Bravo, Barack. (And kudos to pal JCP for pointing the way.)

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