09 March 2008

MATT CADD, PRIVATE EYE: Spring Forward, Fall Back

Matt Cadd spent Sundays catching up on sleep. On the seventh day, one rested. At least for a while. When evening came, duty called.

Shower. Shave. Coffee. Food. Cigarette.

He was at the rendezvous when they'd said--exactly nine p.m. Then he remembered, one hour too late.

Daylight Savings Time.

Fifty years of this crap.

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nancyo said...

'...one hour too late....' -- that is VERY noir -- truly. And I laughed out loud (bitterly, of course...mmnph) at, 'Fifty years of this crap.' -- I do know the feeling. Thanks, Matt, for an entertaining start to the week. You're The Best -- but you knew that.