29 January 2008

Plain Brown Wrapper

Got my new shipment from Hard Case yesterday. It came in its usual plain, brown, featureless cardboard box. This month features Christa Faust, a self-described "hardboiled bitch" (what's not to like?) and her new novel, Money Shot. Her flash piece, Hit Me, first posted on Muzzle Flash, was featured in Out of the Gutter 2. Your boy here, M.C., made his debut with Tweaker in that very same issue! It was quite a rush seeing my own name on the same ToC with real pros like the aforementioned Ms. Faust. Really looking forward to reading this one:

The Glenn Orbik cover art is sensational, I hope the HC legal squad doesn't mind me posting it here. Hey, I'm pimpin' the book, ain't I?

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