18 January 2008

Homme Fatale

We might be accused of pickin' on the chicks here a bit at TPP, after all, we have a passion for things noir, and the femme fatale is often de riguer in this genre. Certainly she is as iconic as the P.I. in American popular culture, and the "black widow" ensnaring the hopeless chump (think Jane Greer taking down Robert Mitchum in the quintessential Out of the Past) is good for many, many re-tellings.

But what about that sickeningly familiar role reversal we see every day? The gorgeous babe--or, even more likely, the "girl next door"--falling for the scuzzball? Do we have a body of film or literature dealing with the homme fatale? Sure, we have lots of bad boys out there. And there are the "Bluebeard" characters, of course. But I think this may be an untapped source of entertainment. Certainly the girls could use a break from their image as home-wreckers. And it is time for the guys to get there share. So, along these lines, check out this hilarious website: HCwDB. And tell me, is this guy on to something? Or is it entirely prurient, that is, he just wants an excuse to post pictures of hotties.

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