03 June 2007

55 games

26 wins and 29 losses in 55 games comes out to a .473 winning percentage. That's not good. That's below the league average of .500, thus it qualifies as 'bad.' Right? Something 'not good' is 'bad,' correct? There are 30 teams in the Major Leagues, and 18 have a better winning percentage. Of those 18, 12 are over .500, and 2 are at .500, one being the Phillies, who beat the Giants today to get to .500. The Giants aren't as bad as the Rockies (almost!) or the Reds or the Nats or the Astros or the Devil Rays or the Royals or the Rangers or the--hold your breath--Yankees. But they are bad. Sure, I know, there are 107 games yet to be played, but 55 games is just past the one-third mark. You can tell a lot about a team at this point. The Giants don't win the games they should win. Either the hitting, fielding, pitching or some combination will fail at a critical point in the game, and a chance for a win becomes a nearly certain loss. The Giants look like a 78-84 kind of team. I find myself wishing for the team and the season to get worse so that dumping high-salaried older players to pennant contenders for young prospects becomes a real possibility. Barry can still break Hank's record. The fans will like that, and they will tolerate the losing if they get to see some talented youngsters. Fans can live with losing if they know it is a transition period to a new team. The Giants don't have to worry about the gate--the tickets are getting sold and the team stinks. But the Giants do need a new team, and the sooner the better.
a.d. III Non.Iun.

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Anonymous said...

The headline on Henry Schulman's story this morning was, GIANTS LIKE A BROKEN RECORD. When even Henry cannot put a good face on anything, we are in trouble, in spite of the 8-1 score today. I wonder if Barry dreads the games as much as I think he does; does he wonder if he can ever do it? I find that sad; the pressure must be incredible. Perhaps he should have retired last year. I still have to hope that, GO GIANTS! is a valid cry. Yes. NOC P.S Who do 'we' want to get rid of?