05 August 2008

Double Boxcars

My dad always referred to a roll of double sixes as "boxcars." Yesterday, in honor of the 24th anniversary of my marriage, I picked up two of my favorite 12-year old whiskies. One is a whisky:

That's right--Canandian Club "Classic 12." This is a rich, full-flavored treat. And you can't get it in California. Don't ask why. Corporate marketing is like the Old Testament--you think you should know something about it, but everyone you ask just gives you a bunch of bullshit and talks to you like you're a child. But nevermind. I can get to Oregon right quick and get some if I need it. This whisky is unique--bright and spicy, malty sweet, clean finish--and doesn't really compare to other Canadians. I like it.

The other is a whiskey:

A bourbon, in fact. My favorite kind of whiskey. This is "desert island" stuff: complex flavor profile but smooth and easy-drinking. 94 proof, too! Yes, Elijah Craig 12-year old doesn't get noticed, but it ought to. This is a Bardstown, Kentucky outfit. Evan Williams is in their lineup as well. The parent company is Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. Their master bourbon distillers are all members of the Beam family. It is funny that bourbon, a uniquely American drink, is made by a select elite, almost a bourbon royalty. If your grand-daddy's grand-daddy didn't make bourbon, you are a nobody. The emphasis on bloodline is a Southern trait, something you also see in New England. Here in California, we could give a shit. Our governor was born in Austria, our Senators are both Jewish, and 57% of our residents are ethnic minorities. Even Scotland didn't generate the same sense of clique-ishness regarding their whisky-making as our beloved Kentuckians. But it works, eh? I mean, those good ol' boys make a superior drink. So it is OK, my friends, don't fix it, it ain't broke.

Just keep bottling those spirits. I'll keep buying.

Happy annivesary, sweetheart. Glad you like whisk(e)y, too.

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