08 August 2008

08-08-08? Feh!

The Olympics are here. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooring!

Other than Giants prospect Nate Schierholz playing on the USA baseball team, I have zero interest in this spectacle. Synchronized swimming? Beach volleyball? Is this a joke? And what's this about REMOVING softball? What, not enough time for kayaking? Give it up. This is the most expensive put-on in history. I'd be interested in stuff like tae-kwan-do and Graeco-Roman wrestling, but Americans want to see basketball. Like there isn't enough damn basketball in the world. And soccer (er, football). Didn't we just suffer through the damn World Cup and the Euro Cup? Not enough, eh? And how about tennis? Wimbledon just doesn't cut it anymore, I guess.

And don't get me started on China. And that pompous ass Bob Costas. And Pepsi-fucking-cola. Read Dave Zirin and get back to me.

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