24 July 2008

This guy is on to something

If you haven't met Matt, you should. This guy's got it figured out. You must watch the Dancing 2008 video. If it doesn't make you--at the very least--grin, then you are dead. Or you lack a human soul. So watch it, fer chrissakes, and make yourself happy. Then send it off and make some friends of yours happy.

At the wedding in Oaxaca, we did some weird napkin dance. Is that a normal thing in México? Or just at weddings? Or just at this wedding? Regardless, it was fun. Very fun. Everybody was happy and smiling.

Here's me doing the napkin dance:

Now you go to some foreign country and do some funky dancing. Make sure you get a picture of it. I'll bet people will be happy and smiling. Meanwhile, check in with Matt.

Have a nice day.

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