20 July 2008

Plata Mexicana

Around the corner from Casa de las Bugambilias we stumbled upon a shop (Antiguedades de Oaxaca), where I found this silver coin:

The 1970 World Cup was held in México, this commemorative lists (the fine print) all the previous winners ("holders" in FIFA-speak) chronologically from Uruguay in 1930 to England in 1966. I'm guessing this is the obverse. Here's the other side:

The fineness ("LEY 0.975") is listed just above "MEXICO." I had to use a 10x hand lens to read it. I loved the design, the modern footballer alongside his ancient counterpart. We had just been to Monte Albán and seen the ballcourt, and the friendly norte in the shop got us excited about an even larger site, Yagul. So excited in fact, that I negelcted to ask more questions about my purchase. So here is a commemorative silver coin of Mexican origin celebrating sport (deportes), friendship (amistad) and peace (paz), and I can find nothing about it. It weighs in at about 51.7 grams. A troy ounce of silver is about 31.1 grams. If the amount of silver in the alloy is indeed 91.75%, this fat boy tips in at a little more than 1.6 troy ounces of plata. (Check the spot price for silver here!) According to our yanqui acquaintance in the shop, Yagul was less developed, freer of tourists, and more impressive than Monte Albán. We got instructions on how to take the bus out there and back, and we left excited about a full day's adventure for our last full day in Oaxaca. Alas, I got a hold of the turistas, the mal de gringo, Moctezuma's Revenge, on that penultimate day. At least I was trotting to the toilet in the privacy of our room at Casa B rather than down the narrow isle of a Mexicana jet. I wonder how the US Customs crew would have reacted to my dancing, glute-squeezing, dehydrated, miserable self frantically trying to find a men's room in the bowels of LAX! Glad I didn't have to find out.

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