31 July 2008

I wanna go

The Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive is running a month-long tribute to noir writer David Goodis called Streets of No Return. There are times I miss living in Berkeley. Mostly, I don't miss the noise, traffic, and increasingly frantic busy-ness of urban life. But I want to see these movies! Eddie Muller will be on hand to introduce two of them, and he's a fave of mine. His book Dark City is de riguer for buffs.

David Goodis was one of the bleakest and darkest of them all. His stories are peopled by angst-ridden low-lifes who just hope they can catch a break. Hard Case Crime recently put out The Wounded and the Slain among its fine series of reprints and new noir novels. A story on SF Gate today tuned me in to the PFA GoodisFest. Streets of No Return runs from the 1st to the 23rd of August.

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