10 April 2007

Manna from heaven

The UPS guy came by yesterday while we were out working in the yard. By a scheduling fluke, I had "Easter Monday" off from school/work (a holiday in the UK, Canada, Australia and NZ, what do they know that we don't?). I knew right away it was Dorchester Publishing, i.e., HARD CASE CRIME. See my link to HCC below.
Or try http://www.hardcasecrime.com/about.shtml.
Turns out a tech entrepeneur is the brains behind the outfit, his name is Charles Ardai. He's also a writer and editor. More power to you Mr. Ardai, I really dig Hard Case! I started my subscription to their monthly offerings last year and missed a few of the early releases. I have now back-ordered the rest and the collection is complete with yesterday's shipment. If I remember, the Israelites were starving and God sent them manna to keep 'em wandering in the desert for a few more years. Stretching metaphors to their breaking point is a piece o'cake for me. The landscape of popular fiction is a Sinai-like wasteland, and I'm dying from lack of nourishment. Boxes from Dorchester Publishing are a gift from heaven for this lad.

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Anonymous said...

Of course John D. is the master and I'm still in love with Travis -- but, in a bit of a hurry here this a.m., I still have to take issue that today is a 'Sinai-like' wasteland. Jon Carroll just this morning found one of the authors I've been reading since first pub -- and he's not bad at all. Look harder, you rascal -- and maybe go afield?! 'Sinai-like wasteland' (chuckle chuckle): now, Mark, watch the hyperbole -- you're better than that. Your fan, NOC