03 April 2007

Holy Week

I was raised a Roman Catholic and this is indeed Holy Week on the liturgical calendar. It is also the OPENING of the BASEBALL SEASON, and that makes it a special time. Today the Giants open at home and it will be the BARRY & BARRY show with baseball's yin and yang, Bonds and Zito, working their magic. TPP is not going to be another baseball blog, there are too many excellent ones already. Check out http://www.giantswin.blogspot.com/ if you need a taste. I have a previous post where I list others and I will continue to direct TPP readers to cool Giants blogs and other MLB-flavored sites. Today will be filled with rituals and observances, sacred garments and special foods. Church is finally open after the long winter hiatus. GO GIANTS!
May the baseball gods bless us and bring us good fortune.

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