11 April 2012

The Ugliest Boots in the Shop

Today I bought the ugliest boots in the shop. These weren't lizard skin boots, or cowboy boots, or python boots. No, these were alpine ski boots. That's "downhill" in American. I decided that comfort was more important than looks. And these Nordica Fire Arrow F3s were the most comfortable. The easiest to get on and off. And with three instead of the customary four buckles, the easiest to adjust as well. Fit trumps style, I told myself. These boots really clash with my green snow pants, my gray and green jacket, my black helmet, and my mostly black skis. Plus I hate red. But I went "all in" on these babies because I felt like a human when I walked in them and felt like they'd help me ski a little better. I got ten years out of the other pair--it was time. I had to get new poles as well, as I bent one of my old ones. They were hand-me-downs when I bought the boots, so again, it was time. The new ones are Rossignols, black with green like my Rossignol skis. See what I mean about the boots clashing? I'm looking for happy feet, though, so I'll have to live with it.

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