18 March 2009

Hittin' the sauce

Jokers of the world, unite! MIKE NOMAD is here and lookin' out for ya! This particular panel is from a Sunday (7/4) in 1971. I was a mere lad of 11, but I really dug this comic. Poor Mike pounded some serious liquor in a seedy dive and woke up framed for murder. Naturally he enlisted his pal STEVE ROPER to help him. Steve "had his back" of course, and they managed to get it figured out. I blogged previously about acquiring a heap of actual strips, both dailies and Sundays, from my buddy Marcus. I plan to post an image of our blue-collar noir anti-hero now and again here at TPP so stay tuned. (Let's hope the legal eagles at King Features Syndicate don't come down on my ass for messing with their copyright. Like this blog has commercial potential!)

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