06 February 2009

100 Bullets

My latest trip down noir alley was with 100 Bullets. DC/Vertigo produces consistent winners--there's so much good stuff in the "graphic novel" realm that it would take a lifetime to check it all out. This collection (First Shot, Last Call) is the first five issues of the strip from 1999. The writer is Brian Azzarello and the artist is Eduardo Risso (covers by Dave Johnson, colors by Grant Goleash, and letters by Clem Robins). The premise is very clever, I won't ruin it for you, and the dark city themes and landscapes are fresh and interesting. The art is absolutely gorgeous, the characters are crisp, sharp, and expressive, and the color scheme (heavy on the earth tones) suits the subject perfectly. Issue 100 is now out, and the series is at an end after a decade-long run. Thanks to pal JCP for turning me on to this--we've got lots of catch-up reading to do!

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