18 June 2008


Friday we go a-southing. We hit "the Five" as they say in SoCal, and after a few stops and visits along the way we fly to Mexico. Our ultimate destination, after some timely R & R in Baja, is the high city of OAXACA. Ten Pound Press will be on holiday until the middle of July. I am looking forward to being "disconnected" for a few weeks. Not that I can't get the all-consuming "access." Mexico is a modern country, after all. But I want to spend time with my eyes and ears, using pencil and paper, on happy feet with an open heart. No more "monitor tans." I'm going to get the real thing, or at least the pink version my Irish blood limits me to.

Tomorrow I'll post the LAST Matt Cadd mini-saga: number fifty! Then "adios" to all my loyal readers. Check back later--I will return.


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