10 February 2008

MATT CADD, PRIVATE EYE: To Collect and Serve

It was a tough weekend.

No one likes to receive a subpoena. But Matt Cadd was paid to do the job. And he did it.

Then Barry's Bonds called: a client had skipped. Bounty hunting helped to pay the bills.

Another trip. And another unhappy recipient of a detective's services.

Fifty is the new forty.

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nancyo said...

Barry's Bonds -- oho -- good one. It takes a M.C.(x2) to create that one! Well done, well done. And I have to agree with JC that 'you are only scratching the surface of your potential' -- yes, indeed, true. (Incidentally, I have not yet received my OOTG #4 -- I'm bummed.)