02 November 2008

Screw statistics

These fellows have a different take on the election. They don't give a damn about statistics, polls, regression analysis, margin of error, trend lines, or methodology.

Here's a quote (italics mine):

You LastDayWatchers already know that God has cursed the United States (the House of Manasseh) by reason of George W Bush.

A little further down we get:

Your political house will suffer defeat as a testimony against thine unclean hands, they will suffer defeat in the House, they will suffer defeat in the Senate.

And because John McCain has embraced thine unclean hands he will be utterly defeated a testimony against you.


Before you democrats get to giddy let the May 15th Prophecy also remind you that the Lord Of Host curse is still in affect which says from Gods own mouth"you shall be only oppressed and plundered continually, and no one shall save you."

Hey, they can't be all bad, they are calling the election for Obama. The Last Day Watchers seem to be another of these apocalyptic outfits, similar to the Rapture folks, I imagine, though I'm not well-versed in Christian theology and (particularly) eschatology. Their take on the election is in the section called The Iran Symbol, The Falsifiers and The Republican Prophecy. I didn't understand the argument. You might fare better.

I always say that politics is irrational--people often vote against their own best interests. Candidates weave stories--myths--about themselves, tapping into cultural archetypes that people connect with on a visceral level. Issues alone aren't interesting or important enough to decide the Presidency of the USA! Couple that with the fact that most issues have been reduced to sound bites and slogans, and that many Americans are one-issue voters (guns, gays, abortion, taxes, etc.), and you can see why it has become increasingly pointless to discuss them. Add to the mix another fact: only about HALF of eligible American voters actually cast ballots. Democracy stinks, no question about it. The alternatives, of course, are far worse.

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