30 September 2008

Bird on a Bottle

The Famous Grouse is a well-known blended whisky from Scotland, having been made in Perthshire for over 100 years. Me, I can't resist a bird on the label. I'm a big fan of Wild Turkey, and the Irish malt named for a robin, Redbreast. So it was only natural I would come to The Famous Grouse. The Glenturret distillery in Crieff is the source of the whisky, and the blend includes Macallan and Highland Park as well. It is a very smooth and approachable drink, but with a full flavor, so I suppose its popularity is understandable. Sometimes the choices are daunting--where does one start when looking for a good dram? I've discovered over the years that they all have something to like about them. The Famous Grouse hooked me with its cool label. I suppose that's as good a reason as any to pull something off a shelf.

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