06 September 2008

Back to Barry

I don't like Buzz Bissinger. I saw him make an ass of himself on TV with the always-fatuous Bob Costas and a seemingly-bewildered Will Leitch (formerly of "Deadspin") having a discussion of the merits of blogging. Suffice to say Mr. Bissinger was one ill-informed and ill-mannered dude. That, of course, does not take away from his considerable accomplishments as a writer. And he's written a fine piece for the NY Times ( link ) about our Beloved and Beleaguered Erstwhile Giant and Home Run King, Barry Lamar Bonds. It is too bad it took the blackballing of the greatest player of all time for media types to see that their "piling on" had gone too far and for far too long. The Feds chasing Barry have always had the tacit or even outspoken approval of the mainstream sportswriters and their employers. Now they are finding out what a bad taste their silly biases have left in their mouths, and are doing a little something to make up for it. Too bad it is too little, too late. But it is something. For that, thanks Buzz.

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nancyo said...

Thank you for pointing to the Buzz Bissinger NYTIMES article -- I feel about Bissinger as he seems to feel about Barry, but, nonetheless, he is a good writer and this is a teeth-grindingly thoughful and to-the-point piece. I am still (always!) so enraged about this entire farcsical embarrassing power ('ooooooo, let's get
some!') amateur theatre play, that I find it difficult to swallow almost anything about it anymore. Abysmal is the atmosphere that surrounds this entire MLB ploy -- and I am sure I am not the only fan who wants to yell, 'Enough already! I am getting on and all I want to see before I go is just that wondrous incomparable swing one more time! Get your damn act together, you sanctimonious turds!'