13 November 2007


Diem natalem felicem mihi!

Yes, friends, it is my birthday: Happy Birthday to Me!

Here at Roma Aeterna on the Ides of November, the gods have been good to us. An exotic new spirit has come in to my hands, not the work of my household (the miserable wretches), but a gift from visiting friends. Once again those clever barbarians from across the Mare Atlanticum have concocted a new drink, this one in "imitation" of the Caledonians! Imagine that--a tribe of woodsy roughnecks copying the practices of those bog-dwellers! And speaking of bogs, this spirit, called McCarthy's, is flavored with the very bogs of the Caledonian homeland. Yes, this "whiskey" (so-called in their savage tongue), has a "peaty" flavor, something like burning tar or pitch. Vile to imagine, I know, but wondrous on the tongue. Smooth and full with this dazzling smokiness, I can't get enough of McCarthy's. It is from someplace called "Oregon," filled with foreigners, not even provincials, and I shudder to think what life there is like. I shall set the servants to work making offerings to Juno to thank her for our abundance. And if they do a poor job of it, I'll sacrifice one of them! Beware the Ides, indeed.

Id. Nov.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday MC! Thanks for sharing your boggy spirit with me. I too enjoyed it and hope to travel someday to Oregon to find more of such things. Love ya SIR

nancyo said...

Mark --

So it is the Celebration of Your Natal Anniversary, O Interesting (& Peaty Flavored) One! I suspect you have this covered -- but I do wish you a day (like all days!) filled with the wonder and magic and downright humour of life, boy-o. Write on! Drink on! LIVE on!! And I know you won't forget to laugh.

Admiringly, NOC (who is, by the bye, also channeling appropriately enthusiastic greetings to you from the Incomparable Matts -- Cadd & Cain)

JC Parsons said...


Tonight's big show will be awesome, I can't wait.

You are one BELOVED dude.

Your friend forever,