29 October 2007

This one's by me

Check out http://thisisby.us/ and look for the "genres" tab, pull down and select "fiction." My mini-fable, Avram and Sera, is posted there. This site rates stuff based on user feedback. I'm not sure how it works, but I figure I'll find out shortly. (The little photo next to my name is H.P. Lovecraft.)

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nancyo said...

Mark -- I am a devoted follower (well...you know....), so I scurried on to www.thisisby.us -- and I cannot find your little fiction genre contribution anywhere. How embarrassing for me. What am I not doing to access this undoubtedly fine piece of fiction (which may be getting less fine as time goes by)(humma hum) Whither should I be wending, O Writing One?? Confused, yet enquiring, minds may actually want to know. Really. N