10 June 2007


This is the 84th post for TPP--that is 84 days in a row! (My anniversary is the Fourth of August, MCMLXXXIV, or 8-4-84, so the number 84 has a special connotation for me.) So far I've learned that blogging is fine and wonderful, but it is not what I want to do this summer. I want to write stories and other things. The blog has become what I write. I would rather blog about my writing if you catch my drift. The blog should be an adjunct to the daily business of writing, not the daily business itself. On Friday, 15 June, I will make my 89th blog entry and then we go on holiday for 2-1/2 weeks. During that time I will forgo the internet. No blogging, no e-mailing, no 'net surfing. Just road tripping, visiting, walking, exploring, relaxing, etc. And writing. Lots of writing. My pal and soon-to-be-former colleague Nurse Becky bought me a journal which I will take on the road with me. It is 100% recycled material, "tree-free." Made in India from garment industry and agricultural waste, it is very groovy. I'm going pencil all the way, and will even try my hand at sketching. When we return, TPP will resume, but it won't be a daily. I'm not sure what it will evolve into, but that will be the fun of it. Meanwhile I'll be putting pencil to paper, getting back to the business of WRITING. Nulla dies sine linea.
a.d. IV Id.Iun.

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Anonymous said...

Have enjoyed the blogging -- but BRAVO! on the writing decision!! NOC