09 June 2007

Finis coronat opus

The end crowns the work.
This First Day of Summer was toasted with our northern neighbor's lovely brew, Crown Royal. According to their website, the Canadian whisky Crown Royal was created in 1939 to honor the visit of King George VI. King George VI was a great-grandson of Queen Victoria and the father of the current Queen, Elizabeth II. Although Canada is a sovereign nation, it is a Commonwealth Realm, and thus recognizes the British monarchy. Accompanying George on this trip was his wife, Elizabeth Bowes-Lytton, the late Queen Mother (who lived to be 101). Royalist pretensions aside, this is a fine whisky. The website unfortunately has a bland corporate feel, but the FAQ has an item about the spelling of "whisk(e)y." I doubt whether the distinction in spelling will survive, or even matter. Whisky and Whiskey taste great either way. The Crown was our Thursday tipple, the pub treated us to schoolyear-end shots of Crown on Friday, and it is our choice of tipple this afternoon. I used to think Canadian whisky meant bland, but I've since learned that just because something is smooth and mild doesn't mean it can't be full of flavor. Subtle would be a better word for it. Bourbon is characterized by its hearty robustness, which makes it my favorite, but Irish, Scotch, and Canadian, they all have their own style, and I pour them as occasion demands. Crown is smooth but rich, with lots of vanilla and spice (rye, perhaps?), and the long, clean, dry finish makes it a satisfying dram, and easy-drinking. TPP will visit more Canadian whiskies in the future.
a.d. V Id.Iun.

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