28 March 2007


Nothing I like better than small press, independent literary ventures. And the latest to grab my attention is OUT OF THE GUTTER: Pulp Fiction and Degenerate Literature. Issue number one is now available and going fast so head to http://outoftheguttermagazine.blogspot.com/ and get your copy NOW! If you have perused DZ Allen's Muzzle Flash site as I suggested in an earlier post (http://www.dzallen.blogspot.com/) then you will get the OOTG vibe. (DZ is an assistant editor for the magazine.) Noir, pulp and hard-boiled fiction seems to be making a comeback of sorts, although it has been updated and modernized for a 21st century audience. While crime and mystery fiction is widespread and at least as old as Poe, the hard-boiled story is a uniquely American, post-WWI phenomenon. I wonder what Robert Bellem ("my roscoe went chow-chow") and Carroll John Daly (of Satan Hall fame) would make of OOTG. I suspect they'd dig it.

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