21 March 2007

DZ, Joe Bob, and the Bloggers

My writing juices have only recently begun to flow again, and I have to spread the blame around. First on the list is DZ Allen, creator of "Muzzle Flash," devoted to all things pulp. noir and hard-boiled. Take a look at http://www.dzallen.blogspot.com/ and you'll get the idea. If you haven't figured out the "writer I greatly admire" from a previous post, one who has a penchant for saying "check it out," then you've missed one of the best. Joe Bob Briggs can be found at http://www.joebobbriggs.com/. M.C. sez "check him out." Finally I have to give kudos to the baseball bloggers, especially the Giants fans. These fellows are funny, shrewd, observant, and passionate, in short, everything mainstream sportswriters are not. Thanks guys, not only for saving my baseball soul, but for inspiring me to new adventures at the keyboard. Just a few of the many include Grant at http://www.mccoveychronicles.com/, Lefty at http://www.leftymalo.blogspot.com/, and John J Perricone at http://www.onlybaseballmatters.com/. M.C. sez "check 'em out."

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