06 June 2010

New computer!

Upgrading was the theme for this weekend. I bought a new Dell, an XPS 9000 with a 24" monitor which I'm using right now. I took the 5-year old Dell E510 and added 1 GB of RAM and a PCI wireless card. That machine has been moved to the other end of the house where my lovely bride can use it. Everything went swimmingly! The new machine is fast and quiet, and the old machine is still humming along. I realize that Dells are kind of like Fords--safe and predictable and even boring--but I'm pretty excited that everything came together "right out of the box." I'm also happy the old computer is useful, as there is too much digital junk already in this world. When I set up the first system, it asked me for a "name." At the time I had a sheet of Greta Garbo 37-cent stamps on my desk. Yes, I keep stamps on my desk. I'm currently featuring "Cowboys of the Silver Screen" with Tom Mix, Gene Autry, William S. Hart, and Roy Rogers, as well as "Legends of Hollywood" with Katherine Hepburn, all 44-cents. I slapped one of the Garbos on the box and called it "Greta." When it came time to name the new computer, I was stumped. Rummaging around in my odds-and-ends pile, I found two unused Garbos, so I called the new box "GRETA2." Take a look--who could resist that face?

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