25 February 2009

US v. Bonds

Try not to follow the mainstream media on this one. For a good take, as always, read Dave Zirin (Edge of Sports). He's too lefty for some, and I'll admit that his political rhetoric can sometimes soar above his logic, but he's a sharp observer and a good writer. His latest piece, on the Bonds case, is in The Nation. It sums up the whole pathetic episode nicely.

If you want to dig a little deeper, a fellow by the name of John Perricone has been blogging on baseball matters since 2002, which is an eternity in blog-years. His blog, appropriately, is called Only Baseball Matters. His work on Bonds and PEDs is the most informed and most interesting out there. Don't read his stuff unless you want to think and learn. Mr. Perricone has recently drawn the attention of two heavy hitters in the sports-writing world, ESPN's Peter Gammons (22 Feb) and Rob Neyer (23 Feb). How's that for blog power?

Another smart fellow with a razor-sharp pen is John Brattain. Take a look at his stuff on The Hardball Times. Craig Calcaterra (ShysterBall) is also on the THT masthead and looks at baseball through a lawyer's eyes. More good stuff.

Not enough? Try this site: http://steroids-and-baseball.com/

Then go back to living real life and hope the money and momentum runs out on the Bonds case and we can get back to baseball.

UPDATE: a couple of new links to articles by Jonathan Littman in Playboy magazine (via OBM):
1. "The Persecution of Barry Bonds" (2009)
2. "The Balco Story" (2004)

Wow--this Novitsky character comes off as a real asshole. We already knew that Bush and Ashcroft were assholes--it seems they and their minions were happy to preside over government agencies run amok. Nothing like trashing peoples' rights and livelihoods to make a political point.

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