11 June 2008

Proud Sponsor

That's right, folks, TPP has entered the world of sponsorships. My brewing blog, French Street Brewery, took the first plunge. FSB sponsored Brad Hennessey's page on Baseball-Reference. Now Brad, the Giants #1 pick in 2001, struggled this season and got demoted to AAA. He was replaced by young William Henry Sadler IV. So I went ahead and sponsored Billy's page on B-R as well. It set me back a fiver! Big spender, eh? The more famous and/or accomplished ballplayers cost a lot more, so I'm sticking my financial neck out for these marginal guys. When they get to be stars I'll have to switch allegiances to a new crop of rookies! I just hope they stay Giants for the duration of my sponsorship (1 year, expiring in June 2009). When you need to look something up, remember Baseball-Reference. There are no more arguments in the internet age--the facts are mere mouse-clicks away.

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